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How Is The Bail Amount Set – Approach Freedom Bail Bonds

When you are arrested, the bail amount is set by the court. The court will consider a variety of factors when setting bail, including the severity of the crime, your criminal history, and whether you are likely to flee. However, this bail process changes from state to state, we will be discussing how the bail amount is set in Louisiana.

Typically, in Louisiana, there is a standard bail schedule already set in place by the chief judge and any particular jurisdiction. At any time upon being booked the defendant can post the bail amount assigned for their accused crime. However, you can choose to remain in jail until you see a judge the next day regarding your bail bond amounts. This hearing held the next day is typically called a 1st appearance hearing. At this hearing, the presiding judge has the discretion to lower, raise, or leave your bail amount the same based on the facts of your case.

1. Your Criminal History

Bail is set by a judge according to your criminal history and the severity of any crimes you may have committed. If it’s the first time around, then they might lower the amount that would be requested from someone with ties in crime; however, if there are previous instances where the court was missed or ignored (such as failing drug tests), higher bails will apply because those acts show intent not just negligence on behalf of oneself- which means more likely incarceration time should one fail again while pledging compliance before this support system can help them change their ways.

2. The Severity of the Crime

Judges use a bail schedule that indicates the amount of bail required based on the severity of the crime you were arrested for. Bail schedules base their recommendations on state and federal laws.

The bail amount will take into consideration how severe the crime is that you’re accused of committing. For example, if you’re accused of a violent crime, such as murder or rape, you can expect to have a higher bail amount than someone who is accused of a non-violent crime, such as shoplifting. This is because there is a greater chance that you will be a danger to the community if you are released on bail.

You secure a release if you pay the amount indicated on the bail schedule immediately on booking. However, you have to go to court if you want a lower bail.

3. Your Community Ties

Your ties to the community determine your likelihood of fleeing after arrest. The judge will want to know whether you have a family and if they stay in the area. They will also look into your employment status. If your family is close and you have a job, you have a low flight risk. As a result, you are likely to get a lower bail amount.

The judge also considers whether you contribute to any community development programs and your reputation in the neighborhood. A good reputation means you are trustworthy. Thus, the judge may set a lower bail.

4. Financial Status

The aim of bail is not to overburden the defendant with costs but to guarantee their appearance in court. Thus, your financial status determines which bail amount the judge can reasonably charge you. The judge will consider whether you have a job when setting bail.

Judges also consider factors like your net worth and financial obligations before deciding on bail.

5. Risk to the Public

The judge must consider whether there is a significant chance you may harm the complainant or witnesses in your case before setting bail. People charged with violent crimes, sexual assault, or physical assault are likely a danger to the public.

If the judge decides that you pose a public safety risk, they set a high bail amount or deny you bail. The judge may also decide to hold you in custody if they deem you a danger to yourself.

You do not have to stay in jail when you cannot afford the bail set by a judge. All you need to do is acquire the services of a bail bondsman. Bail bondsmen are in the business of posting bail for defendants.

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