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How To Make Your Bail Process Quick And Easy – Approach Freedom Bail Bonds

An arrest can take a toll on anyone emotionally, physically, and financially. However, you can speed up the bail bond process so you don’t have to spend a single night in jail. Keep reading to learn about four things you can do to expedite your release from jail by posting bail quickly.

1. Contact a 24/7 Bail Bond Agency

A bail bond agent can begin to process your release as soon as you call them. Be sure to contact a local bail bond agency that truly operates 24/7 and is located nearest to the county jail facility, so they can start your process immediately.

A local bail bond agency that is strategically located is best at eliminating the need for you to wait too long for an agent to arrive at your holding location. Therefore, the closer the agency is to jail, the faster they can arrive.

Additionally, select a bail bond agency that accepts collect calls so you can make inquiries or follow up on the process while you’re still in jail. Depending on jail restrictions, your agent can also make 3-way calls between you, your loved ones, and the bail office, which can further expedite your bail bond process.

2. Gather Information About the Arrest

After you call your bail bond agent, start to collect the necessary information about your arrest from the jail officers since your bail bond agent will need it for your release. Such information includes the details of your alleged crime, your inmate number, and the location of the jail that you’re in.

You could also inquire from the officers about your bond amount. If the amount hasn’t been set, you could ask about your preliminary hearing date. Often, when someone is arrested, the bond amount is determined by a preset bail schedule therefore your bail amount is immediately available upon being booked into the jail. If yours isn’t set by a preset bail schedule, you will have to go to a preliminary hearing, which will be held within 24 hours of your arrest.

3. Get a Cosigner

A cosigner will play two roles. First, they’ll be responsible for the payment of your bail bond amount. They will have to sign your binding contract with the bail bond agency and pay your bail bond fees so you can be released.

Second, they’ll help you gather all the documentation you need for your release. Documentation may differ depending on your bail bond agency, but common papers include your government-issued ID, your arrest background information, and your cosigner’s proof of income and residence.

The cosigner doesn’t have to come to the bail bond office initially, as they can fax or email the documentation to the bail bond agency and pay for the bail bond fees online or via telephone as well. These online transactions will save you a lot of time.

4. Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer

You don’t need a lawyer to initiate the bail bond process, but having one can come in handy. First, criminal defense lawyers often know bail schedules, so they can often estimate your bail amount, even before it is set, so that you can plan your payment accordingly.

Second, they can get you a special hearing for bail when the officers haven’t set your bail amount immediately, or a court date for your preliminary hearing. Moreover, when your bail has been denied or may be too high, your lawyer can plead in court to get your bail set or lowered. Without counsel, you might have to wait a long while in jail for your bail hearing.

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